Troubleshooting eCommerce: Error 400

(Julien Coquet) #1

Hi folks,

when manually adding eCommerce items and transactions, the resulting Matomo tracking URL ends up malformed (error 400) for some reason.

For what it’s worth, I’m working on a GTM installation firing the Matomo code as a custom HTML tag, in which the eCommerce attributes are generated.

An example of a 400 URL is:[["1286"%2C"My%20First%20Widget"%2C"Widgets"%2C312%2C1]%2C["9999"%2C"Gizmo"%2C"Gizmos%20etc."%2C39%2C1]]&idsite=1&rec=1&r=466769&h=16&m=45&s=48&

Any help is appreciated.

Update: the funny thing is that my code first calls matomo.php?idgoal=0 (with status code 400) THEN calls the actual page view with matomo.php?action_name=…