Trouble all around!


First I would like to start by saying that I have been using Piwik for years on many, many, many websites and have enjoyed it’s benefits, only once in the years of using it besides today have I had to use the forum to express something or ask a question. With that said…

A while ago i noticed that one of my sites a wordpress site had an update for the piwik plugin and the day before that I had noticed a new update for piwik when i logged in to the system. Updating from 1x to 2x I had also read the new version worked best with php5.3 or up and so my problems begin! after upgrading the php version on the hosting account my site broke, next I called the hosting support team @ godaddy and the women was NO help and actually made things worse, some how, whatever she had done broke everything theme, links, and then asked if I wanted to spend 150 on there backup service, “no thanks”! Getting to the piwik stuff, I decided instead of upgrading the piwik to uninstall it and install the newest version with a freash datasbase (didn’t have much traffic sites new) now that I have the new php version on my hosting account I created a new directory and installed the newest version of piwik created a new databse and completed the install just fine, because I had the wp plugin for piwik installed and configured for the old version I deleted that a few days before and then after I fixed the issues from upgrading the php version with a new install/configuration also DL/installed the piwik started to configure it by adding the URL, Auth Token, and caaput! got a 503 error also for some reason it took me 4 times of uploading the piwik files in Bianary mode before it worked I kept getting a weird error on line such as such. The point of all this is I spent hours and hours and hours and let me be clear hours on updating this, updating that, downloading this and installing that to have it just aggravate the hell out of me soooo much I don’t think I will try again. It’s kinda like when you visit any website and the page never loads and you keep trying thinking it will fully load any mintue but never does! Thats the kinds BS I have been dealing with. The point of me writing in the forum today is that I am so dissapointed with a few things and they are…1:I never got it to work correctly(too buggy) 2: after using it for YEARS not wanting to deal with it any more! 3:Install walk through is nice but for some reason installing it was a PAIN in the ass and shouldn’t be, grant it a number of things happened that not all were piwiks fault but the parameters around the way it needs to be installed with compatibility issues of WP and system version just made me frusterated and wanting to give up on it! So for now I have to say fair well Piwik, and I am not happy to do so but jsut don’t want to deal with it! FYI my hosting is compatible, I have been using piwik (and still do on other sites) for years by the way those are very slow, someplace along the way over the last two updates to the system it became SLOW, BUggy, and a pian in the BUTT!
Thank for listening!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Your message is very long and contains very little information. can you summarise the problem you have exactly? thanks!