Triming the source


I’m a great fan of piwik and am currently working on several instances of it. I’m particularly satisfied with the high level of coding standards reached in the source, being as well, well commented.
Though, there is a small thing that I think could save some time for all people playing with piwik source : trim the trialling white spaces in source.
I personally, and I’m sure I’m not alone, do set my php editor to do it automatically, and this results into many useless differences when comparing my files to piwiks.
So I would find it real great if the trialling white spaces where removed from the source, since they are useless and it’s very easy to have it done automatically for piwik developers.
Of course, it’s a detail, but since it’s also easy to fix and can save time, I think it could be a nice thing to do.

This being said, keep up with the good work!



easiest is that, when you compare files, you exclude white spaces differences style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

Or tell us which files you’ve edited and why. From a maintenance standpoint, it shouldbe easier to do a full update, vs merging in your changes each time a new version is released.