Trash characters in Piwik database


I have checked the piwik’s db table (piwik_log_visit) because I want to re-assign certain idsites to newly added sites that I made. Problem is, when I check some field they’re having trash characters( fields: idvisitor, config_id, location_ip) and I cant read them.

Why is that?

Take a look at the attached image of the table fields.

Please advise… thanks

These fields are stored in BINARY, but you can update the idsite without problem

Is there any way we can view it? Because those fields might contain the domain of the sites, they might have different domains because were using site forwarding before we added those sites in the piwik database. And now the new sites are in the database, so we might as well update those idsite records to the new id of the sites added based on the domains stored in the binary fields.

Am I making any sense?

Those fields don’t contain the domain.