Transitions Report - Exception NoDataForAction -- Timezone issue?

When looking at Transitions reporting, I am getting Exception NoDataForAction. I am running this report for today as the time period.

Earlier (today), however, transitions was reporting data.

If I select the report for a wider date-range (but still inclusive of today), I get the data/report again.

My timezone is set as US New York for the site (and also in general settings).

It is currently still the Oct. 21 here, but UTC has flipped to Oct. 22. See logging below.

My thought is that the query “today” is not respecting Timezone and trying to pull data for Oct. 22 - a day that has not happened yet (where I live :slight_smile: ) Any thoughts on this as the problem? Any fix or config I can try? Thanks!

Debug log is showing (a few representative entries)
ERROR API[2021-10-22 00:52:46 UTC] [0e58b] Uncaught exception in API: /var/www/…/plugins/Transitions/API.php(195): NoDataForAction

Uncaught exception in API: /…/plugins/Transitions/API.php?date=today&actionType=url&, CLI mode: 0]

I have created for you a new issue in the Matomo GitHub repo:

@heurteph-ei Thank you! I have a work-around (of selecting a date range) for now. If you need any additional information, I’d be happy to provide. For now: Debian 10, Matomo 4.5.0, php 7.3