Transitions / more than one (out)link action on page url during one visit


is it possible to change the behaviour of tracking transitions in that way, that the referrer for each outlink (link and download) is the referrer of the last internal page ? We experience the following problem:

  • user views page a)
  • user clicks external link b) within new tab
  • users clicks external link c) from page a) within new tab (no reload on a))

When looking at transitions in piwik for pageurl a) it only shows the outgoing transition (click) to link b).
If I look at Actions -> PageTitles I see the correct count of all transitions (b and c).

I would like to have both external actions to be visible at PageURL transition level. At the moment the referrer given with the tracker URL is ignored and visit_exit_idaction_url is used ($idReferrerActionUrl = $this->visitorInfo[‘visit_exit_idaction_url’]; at Visit.php:161).

thanks and regards

Andre, this is more or less by design, we cannot easily (if i’m not mistaken) change the code to use the N-2 page.

hello matt,

thanks for your reply. may this be changed in future ? or is it possible to use Tracker.existingVisitInformation to work around that problem ? unfortunately I did not find an example on how to use this event.