Transitions - how to know which link brought them here?


I want the Transitions report to show not only which internal page the visitors arrived from, but which link brought them there. For example, on my frontpage I have several links (e.g. an image and a text link) to the same subpage, and when I view the transition report for the subpage, I want to know what percentage of users clicked the image vs. the text link. Is this possible?


Okay, You can get the transition report by doing some settings like go to your page titles report > Action > pages & action > page title. Two icons will be shown when you remove the mouse then click on the icon on open transition report & in the center you will get overall information or stats.


Thanks, but that was not what I asked. I know how to get to the transition report. What I want, is for the transition report to show not only which page the visitor arrived from, but which (of several) links was clicked on the previous page.


Anyone know if this is possible?