Transitions and max execution time

(By max execution time, I mean the config parameter “live_query_max_execution_time”, but the forum won’t let me put that in the title)

What should happen on-screen when trying to open a transition (based on Page URL), and the SQL takes too long?

What should then happen differently if you tweak the value of “live_query_max_execution_time”?

I’m trying to improve the experience of users wanting to see transition data for segments that periods that span more than 1 day, but I’m seeing odd behaviour.

When we open a simple transition, a white pop-up box show "Loading transitions for … ", with a linear spinner, and the box is then populated with the graph.

If the request times out (30s), the white pop-up box stays in place with text and spinner, but an error panel is displayed in the background, with the message “Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data.”

If I change “live_query_max_execution_time”, I get no difference in behaviour - the Oops message appears after 30s. No matter what parameter value I set.

Looking at commit 14858, I think I ought to see some customised errors that should mention reducing the date range.

This is the right parameter to be tweaking for transitions, right?