Transition for one page shows invalid data

Hello Guys,

First: thank you for Piwik!

I have one issue: my most visited page always gives me back the following message when I want to see the Transitions for it: There’s no data for
Either the action had no pageviews during the period
or it is invalid.

There are Transitions, so it could only be invalid?! The error doesn’t depend on the selected time range.

Please let me know what information you need. Newest version of Piwik, but the error is not new… Just never been motivated enough to open a issue :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards

Hi there, thanks for letting us know. There are existing open bug reports about transitions: Search · Transitions · GitHub

maybe one of those related to your problem and you could put more information in relevant bug report?

As far as I see those topics they are not exactly the same. The only one maybe but I don’t know…

What is the title of the page that does not return data itself?
is it the only page not working or are there other pages as well?

The title is “25 Fragen die in praktischen Prüfungen nach AEVO gefragt werden”, but I have other titles with german umlauts and they are working. So far this page is the only one that’s not working.

And here is the link to the page: Click me


Thanks for the report. can you please comment in this issue: Transitions & Page Overlays not working on one page, but working on others · Issue #4595 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub