Transfert Matomo WordPress to on-premise with both DB on same server


I’m trying to transfert my data from a Matomo WordPress instance to a Matomo On-premise one.

For this, I wish to use this method (from this post : Migration) :

An alternative to using an SSH tunnel is to make a backup of your MySQL database, copy it to the new server, import it into a temporary database, and then migrate using that database name. Remember to delete the temporary database after completing the migration, and checking that everything works. For more information about this process please refer to: How can I move Matomo from one server to another, also migrating the data from one mysql server to another?.

In my case, a new Matomo instance on a subdomaine is already installed (there is already a site installed on this new instance)

I’ve copied the database on a temporary databe on the new server.

And now, my problem seems dumb but I don’t really understand how I transfert the old database into the new, even if they are on the same server ^^;
Which command do I have to use for this?
Like the old DB is already copied on the new server, the Migration’s plugin is no more needed, is it?

I’m a little bit confused and any help would be very welcome! :slight_smile: