Transferring config to another provider and version update from 3.2.1 to 3.14.1 at the same time


We want to move from one provider to another.
At the same time we want to update Matomo from version 3.2.1 to 3.14.1.
Is it possible to export the configuration from the old version and import it into the new one (we don’t want to move the transaction data we don’t need them)?

In I read, that you should always install the same version so I’m asking if it is possible to transfer the matomo config and update the version at the same time.

If it’s possible, how would the procedure look like?

Thanks in advance!



In theory it might be possible, but it is probably still easier if you migrate first and then update to the latest version (just keep in mind to not use a PHP version that was not yet supported in 3.2.1)

Hello Lukas, thanks for your quick reply! Well that doesn’t sound that good :sweat_smile:

Due to the change of the provider we need to update the version at the same time, because the new provider only offers the newest version of matomo.

How would it be ‘theoretically’ possible to do this and also to transfer the Matomo config?


It doesn’t matter what the new provider offers: You can simply download every version of Matomo ever released from

Or you could simply migrate the complete Matomo instance by copying over database and files and then update and delete the data you don’t need anymore.