Transfer Database

I am transferring my hosting to a new registratar. Thus far I have already downloaded the files (themes, plugins, etc.) I need.

Is it possible to transfer my old piwik database to my new hosting account and continue gather stats without interuption or will I need to install a new database? Thanks for your time.

See faq Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes. Did that a couple of months ago.

(Assuming mysql)
If you have shell access to your server, just use mysqldump to get a backup of your piwik database.
mysqldump -u USER -pPASSWORD PIWIKDB | gzip > piwik.sql.gz

If you don’t have terminal access, I recommend to use Mysqldumper. I had lots of problems dumping the big piwik tables using phpmyadmin.

On your new server you have to import the database and configure piwik to use it the same way you did on your old system.