Traffic (in terms of bytes) tracking


I was unable to figure out if Piwik is able to present how much traffic in terms of bytes has been created by a site, as part of the statistics. Most other analytics software can do that.

I have not yet set up Piwik, but in the demo and documentation, I could not find a hint. If it’s possible, could you please tell me how it is enabled?


No, it can’t be enabled.
Piwik is (usally) called as javascript when a user is visiting the sites. It doesn’t know how much traffic the visit/page view generated.
You probably are talking about statistics software using the webserver logs which contain the traffic for the page.


thanks for your answer! Your right, I was thinking of logfile based software.

I could imagine that one could write a plugin which takes a log file and incorporates the amount of data transferred into the statistics. Apparently, such a plugin does not exist. If I’m wrong, please let me know!


But now is a log import implemented, however I can’t find a byte traffic statistic, is something in the roadmap?

Well, the log import essentially mimics the regular javascript tracking. No additional data is stored.

What a pity! Do you know is there something coming in the future?

Not mimic 100% for example, it alos tracks the HTTP error codes, and also track the USER AGENTS of bots.

We could add a new custom variable to track the BYTES for the request, if found in the log file.

you can create pull request with tests log file if you are interested :slight_smile: