Traffic Drop-off After 2.10 Update



I’ve recently updated a 2.8.2 installation to 2.10 and Piwik is showing a marked drop in traffic since then. Previously hovering around 500000 daily visits and uniques, has now dropped to about 1/10th or 50000. Oddly pageviews which is around 1.2 to 1.5m has stayed relatively similar pre and post.

After updating to 2.10, I followed the best security practices etc. and employed IP restrictions to all files except piwik.js / piwik.php – at first I thought this was causing issues and so I’ve turned reverted back to default setup. However, the issue of low reported visits is continuing.

Also, prior to the upgrade there were a few days where I had issues updating the piwik db and the config file may have changed, the drop in visits happens around this time. I can’t really imagine what changes to my config file could have caused, as there only seems to be plugins installed and enabled. Could a particular plugin being installed or not installed be affecting the stats?

Unfortunately, I’m still relatively new to piwik, any ideas what would cause this or checks I could perform?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

hi there,

are you confident that the 50,000 is incorrect and that 500,000 was the correct number? in other words, are you sure it’s broken now, or maybe indeed a bug was fixed?


That was a worry but yep, traffic stats were confirmed!

Dug further and issue was due to config settings post upgrade, which removed X-Forwarded-For preferences. Server was behind AWS ELB.