Tracking with Custom Variables get summarized/overwritten


I’m trying to track page views using custom variables but I can’t get it right. For instance, if some user has logged in and opened Article A once + Article B twice, I assume to get “1” for Article A and “2” for Article B in a report.

But when I use page scope custom variables (cvar argument), it summarizes page views and returns “3” for each article.


When I use visit scope custom variables (_cvar argument), it overwrites previously recorded data and returns “0” for Articls A and “3” for Article B, which is incorrect, too.


I don’t need any grouping by session or user, just an ordinary page views count. (I have to mention that there’re 2 possible kinds of a page view - “Dashboard” and “Details”, that’s why I pass event tracking info - e_c, e_a). I can provide any additional info, steps, record the screen reproducing the issue, etc.

Please help and thanks in advance,

Anyone can shed some light on this please?