Tracking to multiple Piwik servers with different versions

(Nicolas Cynober) #1

I want to compare my new Piwik install (1.7.1) with my old Piwik server (1.0). During several days, I would like to track in these 2 different Piwik servers running 2 different Piwik versions.

Any advice for including the tracking codes without conflict ?


(Nicolas Cynober) #2

I’m currently running successfully with two different versions of piwik.js

The first step is renaming one of the singleton, replacing all the “Piwik” by “Piwik2”.
Then you can safely use multiple piwik trackers with different versions. e.g.:

var piwikTracker2 = Piwik2.getTracker(...);

(vipsoft) #3

You could probably use the latest piwik.js for both since we try to maintain backward compatibility.

(Nicolas Cynober) #4

we try to maintain

Yes indeed. We all try to maintain compatibility and release our produits without any bugs :wink:

The whole point is about testing new releases independently:

  • Piwik in production remains unchanged
  • We start tracking on the new server

We can safely test:

  • Scalability of the new version
  • Consistency in the archiving process

So yes, we are moving to the latest version.
But at the same time, we set procedures to run next updates.