Tracking subsonic visits


Hi there,
anyone managed to get Piwik track visits to a Subsonic website?
So far nothing found on the Piwik and Subsonic forum.
Would like to hear your comments.


I don’t know of or use Subsonic forum software, however I do use Invision Power Board 3.x and have successfully integrated Piwik in the past.

If Subsonic lets you use themes, you might be able to work out from the .php files where the html tag is, directly above that place your complete Piwik tracking code, fingers crossed everything’ll work!



Ah, subsonic is not forum software but a music streamer site written in Java. Hence my question. php based I can manage easily but am no expert on java.:S


In that case I would look at the Piwik Java Client for Tracking API

Appears relatively simple to add.

EDIT: Please disregard the above

I have an even easier way for you, I did a search for Subsonic google analytics, which turned up this thread: Subsonic Forum • View topic - Google Analytics

Follow the steps in the 2nd post replacing the Google Analytics code with the Piwik code, and you should be up and running in no time!