Tracking stopped on all but one domains after HTTP to HTTPS


recently switched numerous sites over to HTTPS.

obviously all 301’s in place etc

piwik has stopped tracking on 4 sites, but one of the sites is tracking

added HTTPS URLs to the “site management”

tracking code is set as:


so should use whatever protocol the page is using

is there anything i am missing?

thanks in advance

–added-- piwik is served over SSL with valid CA cert


Can you maybe post a link to one of the sites that are not working (or send me a private message)?

Hi Lukas,

Sent you via PM

I have since discovered that the requests to: piwik.js - are returning a 403

Any ideas?


solved the issue

writing that about 403 brought my memory back

i set up an .htaccess file to only allow certain hosts

needless to say i did not update it to include the HTTPS

thanks for your help

please mark as “solved”