Tracking SiteSearch across several search engine


For one of our clients, I will have several questions regarding the sitesearch report and how to tune them.

The first one, is how being able to differentiate sitesearch across different search engine.
We have one search engine for general question, with parameter within the url such as : search?q=
And an other one for specific pages with the ulr parameter as : specific-part?q=

This other part as also checkbox filter, that I assume can be considered as search categories. The url is then looking like this : specific-part?q=MY%20SEARCH&f%5B0%5D=guarantees%3A336

As I understood, the parameter guarantees is the global parameter that indicates when there is a checkbox selected, and the A336 one type of category. We can select up until 3 categories together, adding to the url the parameter f%5B0%5D=guarantees and the code for 1 checkbox, 5B1%5D when there is an other checkbox selected alongside the first one, and 5B2%5D for a third one.

My questions are :

To differentiate between these two search site engine, do I need to create a custom dimension which will collect the part of the url differentiating the two search bar ? If so, do I absolutely need to create a custom tag with a JS code triggered during a site search ?

Can I collect these three categories natively on matomo or do I also need to add them to a sitesearch custom tag. Can we retrieve searches with one category, 2 or 3 categories added up ?

The second points is how can I gather the report for keyword and the destination page report ? For instance to see for each queries, which destination page has been selected and the number of pageviews, time spent on page avg etc… Does it need a custom report or to extract both report and manually join them ?

Third points is if it is possible to obtain a dimensions of results after a search. For instance, my search bringed me to 10 results, splitted in two categories of pages. Can I have a custom dim that could be an array with every results and the categories in which they are ?

Hope my message is clear and looking for a return :slight_smile: