Tracking sites on a different server from install?

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Apologies if you have already answered this - I haven’t seen the answer anywhere on the forum.

I have successfully placed Piwik on my own ‘server’ at home which is behind a firewall/router. On ‘this’ side of intranet the address of the server is which appears in the settings of the text to add to web pages as I have set up all my external sites from within this intranet.

The question I am leading up to is, should I leave it as this or FOR EXTERNAL SITES should I use this servers ‘external’ server address (i.e. Or further, should I use the octet (

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PS - Further advice - I cannot place Piwik on the ‘external’ server which would be my main choice as the PHP version isn’t up to date and I have no control over this.

Use your piwik server’s ‘external’ address (e.g. unless you have a static IP – the latter eliminates a dns lookup.

Thanks VIP - I will do this.