Tracking sites on a different server from install?

I was just wondering if it’s possible to track websites on a different server then the one I have Piwik installed on?

Yes. The only caveat is that php on the web server should have the same timezone setting as the mysql server.

I can work with that. Thanks.

This might be a general caveat, but why should this be a caveat especially in this case? As far as I understood the question: he wants to install Piwik on one server, while the website he wants to track is installed on another. As Piwik is working with Javascript tags, this should be no problem at all. It works very similar to Google Analytics (which per default is always on another server, as it is SAS).

So I just don’t understand why this comment about the timezone between the webserver and the mysql server was made. But I might have not understood it right…

Thanks holch. I read the question differently. To clarify:

The sites being tracked can run on a different server than Piwik and/or the MySQL server.

Only if Piwik is on a different server than the MySQL server, do they need to be in the same timezone. (This is a limitation that we will address in the future,