Tracking Shutterfly account

I have a huge image gallery on but the problem is this,
shutterfly does not have a image view tracker only page tracker that tracks members views. (when they are signed in) so i am missing a lot of view stats.

shutterfly does not have any place to enter code so adding the standard piwik code,
or any other tracking code, is out of the question.

my question is this…
does anyone know of a way to track an album of images, or separate image views
using piwik or any other free service.
thanks in advance

I’d recommend ask Shutterfly directly. Maybe they will let you add an <img src’’’> tracker ? Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

hi, i did ask shutterfly about adding any type of code before posting here.
But their support told me there was no way to do it right now,
but would forward the request to their development team for further review.
basically saying i was on my own for now.

so unfortunately it’s not possible…