Tracking on multiple subdomains using Tracker Proxy

I have 2 subdomains on the same domain that I want to track using Tracker Proxy:

and I want to track also the www subdomain:

I have installed the proxy using git in the server in folder and was looking at the documentation in the link above:

So, as proxy remains only under folder, will I be able to track accurately the 3 subdomains?
My CNAME records are matching sub1, sub2, and www.

Thus, I don’t have to install the proxy under each of the subdomains, right? It will only remain in the root directory folder?

I am confused if I am doing it the right way to track all 3 subdomains.

Thank you!

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Hi @metrprime
This is also the understanding I have on the proxy use.
Don’t hesitate to share the result of tracking sub-domains via proxy on main domain after experiment! :wink:

Yes @heurteph-ei , thank you.

I’ll be doing a few tests and will share here.