Tracking non visit data for a day


Is it possible to track data, that is not visit related?
Something like x New Articles in shop?

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what do you mean exactly, you need to ask with more details thanks


I want to track a single custom value, which changed from day to day. It could be something like buyable articles in shop, new articles in shop, ranking in google for a specific keyword and so on. To track this custom data, i would simply use the api.
This would allow me to see the progress in a week, month or a year.

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USE Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Yeah, this could work, but you cant create graphs for custom values. Because the custom value is a string not a number. Or did i miss something? And this would create a visit.

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not sure what you really want, please explain clearly what data you wish to track and what reports you wish to get?


Like i’ve written before. I want piwik to track a single custom value daily on a specific time. For example, on each day a shop will send piwik the current counts of products.
In piwik i would like to see graphs for this specific custom variable. To see how the assortment get growing in a week or month or year.
This would allow us to track more than just visits in piwik.

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Yes you can use Custom Variables or custom Page Titles for this


But how can i create a graph for this?

I’ve checked your demo piwik:

It’s possible to create graphs for how much visits a specific custom value a day have.
But not what custom value a day have in a week or month.

Another example, i create a custom variable named “temperature”, with temperature in degree as custom value.
On monday its 30 degree, on Tuesday its 25 degree and so on. Now i want to create a graph for this to see the temperatures of each day in a week. In month view, i would see the average temperature of a week (this depends on the kind of custom variable, it could be cumulated, too).
Sure, piwik is not a weather stats software, but custom variables like this would allow us to track more than just visits in piwik. Makes piwik more powerful :wink:

Sorry for much confusing, for me its always hard to describe something not in my first language.

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To draw graphs for specific ROWS see this feature request (we are working on it!) Static PNG Graph: plot several metrics & multiple row evolutions · Issue #3013 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub