Tracking multiple domains...?


Been watching Piwik for some time and have recently decided to spend some time getting it setup for us with my various sites.

I have a specific need which Im not sure can be solved with the standard setup. Maybe somebody could point me in the right direction?

Basically I have multiple domains which all point to the same site and can be tracked together as one. Do I need any special setup there?

All these domains eventually point to 2 other domains which are the shopping carts. I want to track the initial visit on the first set of domains, whichever one they end up coming through on, and then track the visit right through to the eventual purchase and upgrades etc, on the second set of domains.

Should I just use the 1 site ID for this?

Moving forward Ill also be tracking other sites which also point through to the second set of domains above (the shopping cart), and may want to track them separately from the first lot above, so therefore might want another site ID.

Can I solve this with Piwik?


when tacking different domains, there might be accuracies problem since the cookies are not forwarded. However for subdomains it works very well. See this doc: New to Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo and Manage Websites - Analytics Platform - Matomo