Tracking Lightbox Clicks

Hi, All!

I’ve been using Piwik (1.10.1) for awhile now, and it’s really been a great source of info about visits to my website. However, I just noticed that it’s missing recording some of the clicks.

I have an online gallery which uses fancybox 1.3.4 to display full-size images when a visitor clicks on a thumbnail. Piwik is recording the filename for the first image viewed (ie. the one who’s thumbnail the user clicked to bring up the lightbox), but isn’t recording the filenames of images viewed if the user clicks the next/previous buttons in the lightbox.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with Piwik or fancybox, but if someone can point me to a solution (keeping in mind that I’m not a PHP programmer), I’d sure appreciate it.




The lightbox gallery would need to have javascript code applied to it to trigger a new PV for next or previous button actions into piwik.

Unfortunately you will need a developer to apply this code to your lightbox gallery(s).

I dont know Lightbax well enough, but another option might be gallery3 image gallery. It has a simple plugin to tie into piwik for correct stats as per how you want them to be tracked.

Good luck.