Tracking known users


if this topic was already treated, sry i didn’t found it.
I want to know the following. If a user come back to my site i want to know what has he done, the first/last time he visit my page.
Example: A user come on my page and go directly to the registration button and buy something.
In piwik i see that this is a returning visitor - but the really interesting is - what pages has the visited on his first/last visit ?
So i need a machanism to connect the both visits - is this possible ?
perhaps with the new userdef. variables,…

if anybody knows how this can work,…

thank you

This is a feature request in: Visitor Log list of ideas and improvements · Issue #1839 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub "Allow to visualize previous visits for a given visitor "

Hello Matt,

thank you - that’s what i’m looking for,…

I’m not sure where best to comment on a ticket, so let me register a hearty “YES PLEASE” here. Being able to label returning visitors and visualize their traffic over time would be immensely useful.