Tracking Issues on My WordPress Site Hosted with vHosting in Italy Using Matomo on Namecheap

Hello everyone.

Yesterday, I purchased an additional host on Namecheap, the “Stellar Business”, while my primary site remains hosted with vHosting in Italy. I tried several methods to connect matomo to my WordPress site, both through plugins and using the tracking code.

After trying for a few hours, I gave up. I then set up a new site on Matomo and added the tracking code to my WordPress site (please note that since I use the Divi theme, I inserted it in theme options - integration - Add code to the < head > of your blog).

I left it there and went to sleep. This morning, I checked Matomo and noticed 2 visits from the United States, even though my main site is Italian.

I then attempted to access the site in an incognito tab, but it didn’t register my visit, not even in real-time. Why might this be? (During the installation of the site on Matomo, I didn’t specify to exclude my IP address from tracking).