Tracking google analytics Parameters when piwik tracking parameters are not present in a url (the piwik paramters are already setup in config file)

Hello ,

for tracking campaigns we have defined our custom tracking keywords in config file.
(like ab_keyword, ab_campaign).

Most of the times our campaign Urls have both google analytics , piwik paramters appended to them.Some times the piwik parameters don’t get appended to the url.

Is there any way , piwik tracking script can use the google analtyics parameters for cases where piwik parameters are missing.

piwik is using google analytics paramters only when we remove our trakcing keyword setting from config file.

thanks in advance.

When you overwrite the values in config/config.ini.php instead ofsimply set your own, add it after the list:

campaign_var_name			= "pk_campaign,piwik_campaign,utm_campaign,utm_source,utm_medium, XXXXX"
campaign_keyword_var_name	= "pk_kwd,piwik_kwd,utm_term, XXXXX"