Tracking from Google TV

Hi guys,

I have the following call being made against my server:


Basically someone is watching a Tom and Jerry video and the call is being made every 1 minute … the action_name does not change, the idsite does not change, h,m,s may change, the cookie is random, the _id does not change (per user)

However, I have noticed that Piwik counts each call as a new visit. I was hoping that Piwik could aggregate the calls made by a user on the same page (via action_name + _id) so that when I look at the lengh of visit it gives me an estimate of the time the users spent watching my videos. Also, is it possible to get the lenght of visit per page (action_name) and also per user (_id)?

Thank you very much.

I recommend to use the tracking API instead Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Then you can call setIp() and setForceVisitorId()