Tracking failure, but site ID is correct?!

I have a recurring tracking failure for the homepage of one (WordPress) instance. Reason given is

The site does not exist.

showing a tracking URL with siteid=1


This ID would indeed be wrong, but the setup clearly indicates a correct setup of

    _paq.push(['setSiteId', '7']);

My first suspicion was a caching error (LiteSpeed Cache is enabled), but even after purging the cache for the particular page and the complete website the error remains and is reported every Monday.

The site in question is the base of a WordPress Multisite running the latest WP-Version 6.0.3, connected to Matomo 4.12.3 via WP-Matomo ( v1.0.27. In total all 4 sites of the Multisite are monitored within the same Matomo instance. Both - WP Multisite and Matomo - run on the same machine. The connection is done via PHP-API.

Does someone have an idea what could cause this issue and how to resolve it?

thanks for guidance
best regards Stefan

Hi @stk
I have no knowledge on WP…
But there is something I don’t understand. You wrote:

Then I don’t understand why you use also:

Indeed, this is some JavaScript API… Maybe the PHP-API is misconfigured…?