Tracking expired problem

I want to show you this scenario:

  1. I opened my website and piwik starts to track my visit .
  2. I went to lunch, leaving open both piwik and my site.
  3. When I returned, I saw that even though the website could navigate properly, piwik not tracked me and not show me between “real-time visitors” .
  4. I have logged out from piwik console and returning piwik still did not see,
  5. I have logged out from my siste, and coming back I see that piwik resumed tracking.

My question is: This is a ‘tracking timeout’?
I did not like that there was a link to the JSESSIONID of my site that expires after about 1-2 hours, but is regenerated in silent mode click to the next; maybe instead piwik leans against the jsessionid and fails to engage the new jsessionid.