Tracking Everything and generating Weekly Reports

Hello Everything!

My name is Carlos.
I am considering to use Piwik
for a marketing service I am
working on.

I need to produce weekly reports
of visitors interaction to websites
and social media accounts.

Is there plugins that allows for easy
reporting or can Piwik generate reports
by itself?

THank you

Hi, yes piwik is able to generate (weekly) reports (beside all reports you can see in the webinterface). Those reports can automatically be sent to a list of email addresses either as a HTML mail or an PDF attachment.

You can read more about it in the docs: Manage Email Reports

Thank you!

I am creating a marketing service
and I need to monitor or track
where clicks come from into the

Like directories or ad links.

Is this something you can help me
with for a fee?

Thank you


Hi, you can see the data you want in the Referrers Tab in Piwik.

If you want to track ad campaigns campaign tracking may also help you:

And if you need paid consulting I recommend you to contact InnoCraft, the company of the makers of Piwik: