Tracking events with custom variables


Hi all,

Architectural question here for a new tracking requirement we have. We have users perform searches on our platform like “Denver, CO” or “80205” or “Wisconsin”. When they do, we determine the lat/lng behind the term.

We use that lat/lng to create heatmaps of what people are searching for (not to be confused with the user’s physical location).

Is there a recommended way to track this sort of item? We need to report the count of these search actions grouped by lat/lng. Right now we store them in a table as

SearchTerm | Lat | Lng

Lat and lng are float values and SearchTerm is a varchar(255)

We don’t want to create a new page view for each search since it would jack up the pageview figure. We don’t think storing lat/lng in custom dimensions seems like a good idea, but I’m not sure.