Tracking document downloads


Hi all, I installed Piwik few weeks ago on an intranet with few thousands pages. I found out that the tracking for document downloads doesn’t really work. Just to be clear, by document downloads I mean I have a lot of the following tag in my pages:

<a href="/path/to/document/mydoc.pdf">Click here</a>
<a href="another/path/to/document/spread.xls">Download</a>

I read some threads like this[/url] and [url=,63061]this but I am still not sure if what I want to do is possible or not. I am sure this doesn’t come under category “direct download” because it is linked from a web page.

My current setup is just using the javascript tracking script. There are some downloads recorded in the download stats but I am sure a lot of downloads were not recorded. I understand a method using PHP tracking by modifying the href but that’s unfortunately not an options because the number of static HTML files we have. It is not practical having to change all HREFs. But I think it would be fine if there is some javascript that I need to add on every page.

Thank you for your help.