Tracking Discrepancies

I’m running a self-hosted WordPress installation of Matomo. I am experiencing discrepancies in user tracking, both regular visits and logged in UserIDs. We have a Membership / Closed site so we are tracking “Display Name” so we can track members’ activities throughout the site.

But I also have Woopra analytics installed and it too captures user tracking and the results are different. Over a 2 day period:

All Visits (Logged in + Visitors)
Matomo = 1279
Woopra = 1586
25% Diff

Unique UserIDs (logged in users)
Matomo: 119
Woopra: 164
37% Diff

I’ve downloaded UserID reports and analyzed them. I have found some anomalies between the two, such as missing users with very little time on the site (like under 1 minute) but not enough to justify 25-35% differences. (Analysis was difficult because Woopra spits out email address as the ID and Matomo spits out the usrname which sometimes don’t line up very much)

Even if I disregard visitors under 1 minute, there were only 6 of those out of the 164.

I analyzed the bottom 30 Woopra Visitors starting at the bottom in Time Spent ranging from 6.5 minutes logest down to 30 seconds shortest. Only 9 of the bottom 30 came across. But it’s not the absolute bottom 9. None of teh bottom 6 under 1 minute came across. 2 out of the 7 visitors between 2-3 minutes came across. So it’s not like it’s “all visitors under 5 minutes”

One note - this is a virtual conference/meeting website which many members will “sit” in the Live Stream page for some time (many over an hour) while doing nothing. I can see that affecting “activity” tracking, but it should not affect the basic site access - logging in, navigating around a bit, etc. all before plopping in the live page.

I did NOT have the “heartbeat” function enabled, but am going to try that moving forward. Most other settings are default out of the box.

Any insight why the big discrepancy?