Tracking data not making sense to me?


I have been running self-hosted matomo for a few months for my website, SPA and APP without issues. all google search traffic to my website will auto redirect to SPA when detected mobile device.

Suddenly a few days ago, my SPA web app traffic number dropped 90%.

Here is my investigation, and still don’t know why

  1. Is it google reduce traffic to my site?
    To test, I disabled mobile redirect from website to SPA, and matomo shows website traffic increases, and the total traffic is correctly showing website + SPA web app.

  2. is it matomo tracking codes not working in SPA?
    To test, I open SPA, and check the matomo real time visitor. I can see myself using SPA correctly.

  3. I enabled back the website to SPA web app mobile redirect, and expect the website traffic drop (yes, it did), and the SPA matomo traffic highly increased. (No, it did not increase)

Now, I am totally lost as I don’t know what is wrong. any advise appreciated.


Can you see if the drop concerns only some kind of device/country/browser, etc?