Tracking custom variables in mobile apps


Hi there,

i’m currently trying to track actions in my mobile app with Piwik. I use Titanium Mobile (same SDK they used to build the Piwik Mobile App) and Titanium.Network.HTTPClient to call piwik.php.

I kind of reverse engineered the HTTP request a normal browser would do and so far everything works fine.
However my custom variables (the _cvar part) are ignored.
I would like to track some information about the device and operating system. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Code below…

var now = new Date();
var piwikUrl = 'http://piwik.dagobah/piwik.php';
var piwikParams = {
	idsite: 1,
	rec: 1,
	action_name: 'init',
	h: now.getHours(),
	m: now.getMinutes(),
	s: now.getSeconds(),
	res: Titanium.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth+'x'+Titanium.Platform.displayCaps.platformHeight,
		"1": ["appVersion", Titanium.App.version],
		"2": ["os", Titanium.Platform.osname],
		"3": ["osVersion", Titanium.Platform.osname+' '+Titanium.Platform.version],
		"4": ["model", Titanium.Platform.model+' (CPU:'+Titanium.Platform.processorCount+'/DPI:'+Titanium.Platform.displayCaps.dpi+')']

var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();
xhr.timeout = 2000; // request timeout in msecs'GET', piwikUrl); // set request method and url
xhr.send(piwikParams); // fire request with supplied get parameters

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

You will need to JSON encode the custom variables.

Also can you not use the piwik.js client in titanium maybe?


Thanks matt, JSON encoding (JSON.stringify) “_cvar” was the solution.

I don’t use the piwik.js at all, just sending a request to piwik.php via Titanium.Network.HTTPClient. Works great so far.
Going to improve it a bit and then maybe publish the source on github.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Ok that’s cool. What would be best would be that your client follows the exact API of the PHP Tracker client. This is similar to the Java client: Java Tracking Client V1 - · Issue #2172 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub