Tracking Code not integrated? / But it is!


after the Update to the new 2.12 Version, I got the message in the piwik-Dashboard that there would be no tracking data and that I should integrate the java-snippet into my footer-section. But the WP-Plugin works fine and the code is still integrated. I look around, but I cannot find any essential differences.

The only thing is, that in the WP-Plugin (WP-Piwik) the URL of the “REST-API” is set to my concrete subfolder b[/b] but in the administration section of Piwik it is set without my subfolder.

If I look to my realtime html source-code with my browser I could find the piwik entries, too.

Thanks for the support and time.

Greetings from Germany,

Hi Marc

I’m not sure I understand correctly, can you post a screenshot of what you see and what you see in source code?

The screen with JS Code should only be displayed if there was no visit in your website ever. Do you see the screen for a site with visitors?

Hello Matt,

I am sorry, you are right. I was a littlebit confused about that message. :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

My mistake was it to visit my own site with my Firefox-Browser and the acivated “do-not-follow”-option. I use the “Ghostery-Plugin,” too, but I set Piwik to a green status. The new visit with a normal IE was registrated correctly.

Thank you and now I have to learn more about piwik and it´s background. :wink:

Greetings from Munich