Tracking code footprint

I see the installation URL (URL website ID 1) is in ALL subsequent website tracking codes. I have hundreds of sites and don’t want a footprint for Google to see and connect all my sites somehow. This is my main reason for not using Google Analytics and WMT. Is there a setting to remove the installation URL in all the tracking codes?


See How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

See my post below, since I can’t delete this.

I’ve gone through all these steps, including checking with my host that the server requirements are met, and now it seems tracking is not even enabled and new visitors are not being logged.

Is there a help desk of any kind I can get help with this?

Also, what is the likelihood a solution to hide the server URL could be built into the standard tracking code? I’ve opened a Piwik Professional services inquiry about this, along with my Piwik proxy issue for now.

In the meantime, which steps from the proxy URL hide procedure needs to be taken for every site? Just upload the piwik.php file?

Thanks in advance.