Tracking code doesn't trigger mysql query

Piwik was working for me but I had to move to a new VPS (digitalocean). Presently running on Ubuntu 16.04, nginx and php7.0 fpm. piwik is 3.0.3. When I moved providers, I did a mysqldump and replayed that into my new mysql instance and upgraded piwik. I believe piwik was able to do a schema update but it’s been a few months and I don’t remember the details.

I’ve confirmed the correct tracking code is in my wordpress installation. I’ve enabled both the js and img tracking.

In my logs, I see lots of tracking hits from the various visitors to my side. They are all getting a 200 and there are no PHP errors or Mysql errors. But I don’t see any entries in piwik_log_visit after the date of my VPS move when I use this query:

select * from piwik_log_visit order by visit_last_action_time desc limit 5;

I turned on query logging in mysqld and did a manual GET of the img tracking link and piwik does not even perform a mysql query. It does perform mysql queries when I go to the piwik dashboard so I know that the mysql configuration information is correct.

So I’m at a loss for how to proceed. If the query is getting a 200 from nginx but not getting to mysql, the problem would seem to be inside of piwik somewhere.

Maybe look into this: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3

By adding ```
debug = 1

to your config you can enable debuging. This means that instead of returning an empty response or a 1x1px gif piwik returns a verbose log, which may help finding the problem. (obviously this should only be enabled for a short time or combined with `debug_on_demand` (see link for more details))

Thanks for that. I did enable debug per the instructions and I do see a warning in the Dashboard: “Tracker “debug” mode is enabled. For security reasons this should be enabled only for a short time frame. To disable it set “[Tracker] debug” to “0” in “config/config.ini.php””

I also enabled logging.

I still get a blank screen when I retrieve the tracking URL and no new messages in tmp/logs/piwik.log (I set the log level to DEBUG and get messages from the plugin manager about which plugins are installed. so I know logging is working)…

Anyway, I’ve run out of time working on this so I’ve moved on. I just wanted to update and thank you for the help.