Tracking Api parameters lang, country and cdt

I am trying to force the date by using the tracking api parameter cdt, but it is just not working. I also tried using h, m and s, but it’s not working, too.

Second I tried to force the country by using the parameter counrty without success, too. I can change the country by using the parameter lang, but this rasies the question: “Is the country parameter useless?”

Thanks for all answers

You need to also set the token_auth with a user with admin permission to set/overwrite these parameters

thanks for your answer, Matt. We are using the token_auth parameter in the url already, since we are sending a cip value with the url as well as the country code and a timestamp! The overwritten ip value works and arrives as you would expect it.
I’m not sure what we may be doing wrong here. Obviously the user for the token has admin permissions, but are there any other things we could have missed?
BTW: I work with Davud :wink:

Thanks again try with this beta and does it still fail?