Tracking a folder that does not have an htm in it

I have been using Piwik for just a month. For my purposes: Perfect. Well… Nearly perfect. I have a couple of sites that have a WordPress BLOG installed on the site and I am not sure how to insert my piwik-needed code into the PHPs that are part of Wordpress. I installed the BLOGs and I do modify the “modifiable” “stuff” and all is OK from a Wordpress point of view. I also use a Wordpress Theme that I have modified. Although I modify things – I am not a PHP expert or anything close to such. Is there a way for me to ask Piwik to monitor the folder involved with the BLOGs without including the Piwik-needed code (I doubt it…) or - do you know if I can “just” insert the PWIK-needed code somewhere within the PHPs that I already modify? I apologize if this question makes little sense… You would think that if I modify this “stuff” I would know the answer… Anyway, thanks for a comeback if the above DOES make any sense. Regards, Dave S.

I think you are searching for the Wordpress-Piwik-Plugin:

Thank you for the comeback. I will give it a look; based upon the title I would guess it will be perfect. Thank you.

Thank you, again, for the pointer-to.

I downloaded the wp-pwik plug-in, installed it OK (as far as I know), modified the Settings Ok (as far as I know, got the “Weblog” Dashboard (I assume it was added by the plug in - thanks; looking good - and can go back-and-forth from the “Web page” (normal piwik) Dashboard and the Weblog Dashboard fine.

Nothing shows up, yet, on the Weblog Dashboard — yet — although I have visited the Weblog a few times to test stuff.

I am taking the default in the plug-in for the plugin settings’ engine — PHP(0) if I remember correctly. There is a wp-piwk engine as well. Perhaps, if I change to that I will begin capturing. We see.

No need for you to comeback on this – except if you have a clue what I may be doing incorrect. If I have some success I will mention it on this “thread”.

Thank you, again, for your pointer-to and help.
Regards, Dave S.

Success. It seems. Thanks!
I activated the “Tracking” code (in the settings for the plugin). I had not looked there – I assumed that things happened magically… — and, also chose the wp-piwik engine (yes, I changed two things at a time…).
I wondered, if when I activated the tracking code I would have to “manually” add something (as I am using a modified WordPress Theme) - but, I got the statistics that I need by letting the tracking code be added for me. Good!

Close this as an item. I am a happy-camper! Thank you, again
Dave S.

Glad that i could help you