Trackin conversions admin error



I’m using the Spanish version of Piwik and when I’m trying to set the conversions, it appears this message:

No se puede acceder a este recurso, ya que requiere un ‘admin’ de acceso al sitio web id = 1. (You can not access this resource as it requires ‘admin’ access to the website id = 1)

And I don’t know what I have to do because I’m logged with my admin account

Thanks in advance!


can you try and delete contents of tmp folder? also what php version is this on? did you recently upgrade?


Hi Lesjokolat,

Thanks for your answer. I’ve done what you recommend me but it hasn’t work. My PHP version is 5.3.3 and yesterday was the first time I installed and access to the panel

If you or another user have any other ideas it would be nice you hear them. thanks!


Maybe you created a goal in teh converstion set before the update and then updated piwik?

Could you try and delete the goal then re add it?

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

What do you mean by " when I’m trying to set the conversions, it appears this message" ?

Can you post screenshot?
What is the URL that gives you this error?


Thanks for answering

@lesjokolat this goal is someting like and it works since 1 year ago. I’ve not made any changes in the URL recently and I didn’t updated the Piwik version because I download the latest one before set up. Inside Piwik, the message appears when I’m trying to create the goal. I haven’t got any goals yet because I can’t create them :frowning:

@matt I’ve just included part of the answer for you above. The screenshot is attached

Thanks to both!:slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #7

I tried to reproduce but I couldn’t. I used a user with “admin” permission and it worked, I coudl create a goal. Maybe you only have “view” permission?


Hi Matt, I created only one user, the admin one, so I don’t know what else could I do =/

(Matthieu Aubry) #9

So when you click on Settings, with this user, can you post a screenshot of what you see?


Hi Matt,

We have been testing our servers because when I saw the Settings as you recommeded me, I found some alerts there. We are still trying to solve the problem, so I will answer you then or maybe ask you for help again.