Tracker folder does not exist or could not be created


Hi everyone,

I’am facing a problem while installing matomo.
Infrastructure : AWS Elastic Beanstalk + mysql database + matomo release 3.5.1
I deploy matomo with python scripts and elastic beanstalk hooks in order to package matomo and some plugins, then to deploy on elastic beanstalk environment with the appropriate values in config.ini.php (I don’t use console, the goal of my work is to automate the launching of matomo for the first time on an AWS account)

the error is " An error occurred

The directory “/var/app/current/matomo/tmp/cache/tracker/” does not exist and could not be created."

I wrote this in a eb hook :
owner: root
group: root
content: |
sudo chown -R webapp:webapp /var/app/current/matomo/tmp/"
this command works I connect to the ec2 using ssm agent and i can see that appropriate user and group and rights are set correctly, then when try to connect to matomo url i see the error message.
Any ideas ?
Thank you !