Track visits from https sites on http sites

Hi Friends,
I’m not very tech-savvy, so this may not be possible. But from what little I understand, it seems like it might or could be possible.

Referencing this topic I posted a while ago in the Support board: 301 Moved Permanently. A site that had been referring visitors almost every day suddenly stopped appearing in my Referring Websites widget. It turns out they switched from http to https. An article was referenced in that topic, which explained that the referrer can’t be passed from https to http, which is apparently what makes it secure. So apparently that’s why Piwik can’t track it.

But does Piwk see it? Can Piwik see visits for https sites, but just not the IP address or domain? Could Piwik report the number of visitors from https sites, without reporting the domains?

Just wondering. Even though we wouldn’t have any detailed statistics, at least we’d have a visit count that better represents the real number of visits. So this is a request, if it’s possible to at least give us how many visits come from https sites, even if it can’t tell us which sites. It would be like when we see “Keyword not defined” in the Keywords widget. Piwik apparently knows that there has been a search, just not the search words. So if it could say when there’s a visit from an https site, even though it doesn’t know which one, that would be great.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not that much tech savvy myself even if in the past few weeks i set up my own dedicated Piwik server because my shared hosting wasn’t able to run Piwik confortably.

But, i think that visits comming from sites that dont send referrer will just be shown as “Direct entry” in Piwik. As if the visitor clicked a link sent by a friend over Intant Messaging or Email.

In others words, i dont think it’s possible to get an information from absence of information in that case.

Why ? Because if Piwik would treat any visit lacking referrer as comming from SSL sites, then any link shared from friend to friend could be wrongly seen as comming from Https.

Anyone has more informations about this matter ?

By the way, we can easilly find many others topics on this forum talking about a similar problem.