Track variable parameters

Hi I am sitting for a linger time now and can’t find any solution.

I would like to have some custom parameters in my tracking. What I am looking for is the google adwords value parameter {adposition}.

The link should look like:

So how can I add a further parameter like pk_pos etc to my tracking.

Thank you in advance


no one who would know.??!!

It should be possible to somehow track more parameters than the two available.

It would be nice to track more parameters. F.e. how can I track:

pk_campaign, pk_kwd and pk_source in one??

In this matter how do define another parameter like pk_source

Thank you


I am also interested in that. How can I set additional parameters for campaigns? How can I set Piwik to ignore some parameters in url?

So Matt should we understand you ask us to invest between 4.500EUR and 62.000EUR a year to be able to track further parameters??

Nop I just said to contact us. If you can’t be bothered no worries :wink:

I just want to make sure it is worth to write the mail. Cause the last time I wrote to them I just received the answer any help would be available after I am in a plan.

Same for me.

The advanced campaign reporting plugin looks nice but doesn’t work as promised, at least in my Piwik. I asked for support but it is only available if you subscribe a plan.

So what is the problem with the plugin exactly ?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have two issues:

  1. The new campaings report does not replace the old one in the Referrers->Campaigns tab.
  2. There are diferences in the data reported betwen this plugin and the old one. I attach two files showing the diferences.
    [attachment 1940 old_report.png]
    [attachment 1941 new_report.png]


Hi Joseluis,

Thanks for the report. I’ve published the AdvancedCampaignReporting plugin on the marketplace here:

Does this version work for you?


The point 1 has been fixed. Many thanks.

But the point 2 is still wrong. Also, the numbers that appears in Referrers->Campaigns tab is different that the ones that apperar in the overview tab.

I have find another issue. In the old Campaigning system, the variables used are pk_campaign and pk_kwd, but in the advanced they are pk_campaign, pk_keyword,… Thats means the keyword is not compatible between versions. Could it be made compatible so any of the variable names could be used?