Track PIWIK users

I would like to know when and how often PIWIK users logged in and had a look at the statistics. Is there a plugin or a way to do this?
If not: it would be more than usefull since you might give users access to verify the frequency of your site and want them to advertise on your site. I would like to know if PIWIK users logged in and had a look.

Tx and best regards,


Hi Peter, you can enable Tracking in your Piwik itself! See this global.ini.php config setting:

; if set to > 0, a Piwik tracking code will be included in the Piwik UI footer and will track visits, pages, etc.
; data will be stored for idSite = enable_measure_piwik_usage_in_idsite
; this is useful for Piwik developers as an easy way to create data in their local Piwik
enable_measure_piwik_usage_in_idsite = 0

Thank you very much!

Hi all,

I upgraded my piwik in 3.0.4 !
It seems the ‘enable_measure_piwik_usage_in_idsite’ variable does not exist anymore. How to do to enable tracking like before, in 2.16.2 ?

Thank for your help

… replaced by plugins : AnonymousPiwikUsageMeasurement.
Hum, I fell into the same trap last time :frowning: Boring…