Track Pages Separate

Hey guys,

I have been trying to find a way to track page hits / search engine keywords, etc… for EACH PAGE on my website.

We have a local advertising company where each local business, or “sponsor” gets their own web page which includes description information, video/slideshow promoting their business, and a CMS tidbit which allows them to announce sales, etc…

We want to allow each sponsor to be able to view their OWN analytics for their page ONLY. This will allow them to track hits, keywords, etc. so they can adjust their marketing accordingly.

I know Google Analytics doesn’t easily have this available as far as I am aware. I believe you would have to make an individual Google account for each page and give it it’s unique javascript tag?

Does Piwik allow for something like this more easily?
I’d rather not use Google, I’d love to have something real-time that can be customized.

Thanks for the help,


Use the API to add a “site” for each client – then you have a unique site ID to use for each client.

Add users in the same way so the client can only view his/her own stats.

Thanks for the quick response,

I am in the process of uploading Piwik right now to give it a test-drive.



I’ll respond to this post if I have any further questions.