Track local server on remote piwik [solved]


in order to test some tracking code I’d like to track pages on my local server (localhost) on our centralized piwik instance.

In order to do this, I created a new site and added the following urls (shop is the application’s context):


We already have the basic tracking code on our test system where it works fine, i.e. I get live user data when I browse the site. Thus I know that the tracking code and the URL to the piwik instance must be correct (in fact it is the same code).

However, when browsing the site locally (on my local server) I don’t get any tracking information. I even bound my server to my ip address and accessed the site from another computer using that ip address. Still I did not see any visits.

Where might I be wrong?

If you need any additional information, please ask.

Nevermind, I found the problem. I still used our test system’s site id and thus all requests were reported for that site.

It’s working now.

Sorry for bothering you.